Buying vs. Leasing, Which is Right for You?

Are you a Bellwood or Johnstown, PA driver shopping for your next automotive purchase? If so, you may be trying to determine whether you should buy or lease your vehicle. At our store, we want to ensure you get the right plan for both your lifestyle and your budget. And it is for that reason that many drivers opt to shop at our new Kia dealership near State College.

The last thing that you should have to do when purchasing your next vehicle is settle. And once you research the various available finance plans at our dealership, you will see that is not something you will have to worry about.

New Kia K5

Benefits of Buying

Choosing to buy a vehicle comes with a number of benefits. By choosing to buy, you will be able to enjoy eventual ownership of your vehicle. Which you are sure to appreciate. Better yet, you may experience lower insurance premiums as well. Which could help you save money on your insurance plan.

Additionally, you will not have to worry about mileage limits and you can make your own modifications to your ride. Which means that you can truly make it your own. You may even be able to build equity in your car as you pay down your automotive loan.

New Kia Seltos

Benefits of Leasing

If you are someone looking to lease a new Kia model, you can experience a range of benefits. Perhaps the largest benefit offered from leasing is the lower payments. You will not have to make a large down payment, and often time leasing gives lower monthly costs. Additionally, once your lease contract is up, you can opt to purchase the car should you choose.

At our dealership, we stock the latest Kia models, so you will have the power of choice when searching for your next Kia lease. If you are someone who does not drive far annually, it is likely that a lease is right for your needs.

Contact Our Team to Learn More

If you are in the market for your next car purchase, contacting our team is something that you will want to do. Once you do, you can speak with our finance team to determine whether or not you should buy or lease your vehicle. And that will allow you to make an informed buying decision.